Hi, I’m Sophia Biagini, and I’m from a little town named Bloomville in Deleware County, New York. I’m currently enrolled at SUNY Oneonta where I study the arts. I’m majoring in Digital and Studio Art at the moment, and I have plans to double major in journalism next year.

            I’m originally from Adams, Massachusetts. That little town is quite historical, and has many aspects that sprouted my creativity as a child. I grew up very artistic. I played sports throughout the years and was involved in dance groups, but I was always more enthused about my art. Pencil and paper, or paint and canvas are my usual mediums, but more recently I have decided to explore different areas such as ceramics, illustration and photoshop.

            In the future, I’d like to travel and visit the world’s capitals of art and literature. I hope to create a career for myself incorporating art and journalism, maybe writing critiques for other artists in magazines, journals, newspapers or vlogs.

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